Global Ambassador Network

What does the network entail?

The international AMR Insights Ambassador Network is a rapidly growing, distinctive group of professionals who stand out for their commitment, willingness to cooperate and open attitude to combat Antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

A truly unique Network

The network is cross-border, cross-sectoral and it connects people regardless of race, political beliefs, and faith. The connection between Ambassadors stems from the shared belief that international cooperation is the key to successfully and effectively fighting AMR.


The Ambassador Network is an initiative by AMR Insights. The networks now consists of over 600 Ambassadors in some 65 countries. The Ambassadors include professionals, students and others involved in curbing AMR.


The Ambassador Network was initiated in 2019 and is of unlimited duration. Starting 2024 the Network has implemented the dedicated,  searchable Ambassador database with the aim to strengthen the international collaboration.

Why join the Network

By joining the Ambassador Network you will find like-minded allies in the fight against AMR. People open to working together, opening doors and being of service to each other. 

Criteria to join

We welcome those who contribute to the global fight against AMR, are open to working with third parties and are willing to share their expertise and networks with other Ambassadors. There is no cost to participate.